Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Review (Switch eShop)

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Through the outside, every thing about Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut indicates a horny dating sim.

It actively seeks most of the globe like the designer has simply swapped buxom anime university girls for hot solitary dads. Spend a few momemts you lol-ing whatever your life experience with it, though, and you’ll soon discover a touching visual novel that focuses on relationships, shot through with humour and sharp dialogue that’ll have.

From the Game Grumps’ development studio, you perform a solitary dad going up to a new neighbourhood on the other hand for the town. While packing you reminisce over some old photos together with your child, Amanda (and fill out some back ground details with a dialogue that is few). The banter between you as well as the 18-year-old quickly sets the scene and through the beginning the writing is brilliant; discussion is recognisable real, peppered with wit and asian mail order bride an easy-going charm that whips up an instantaneous rapport that holds through the whole game.

You create and identify your dad in a editor – a blonde that is receding stuck down regarding the ‘Hair’ tab, therefore we crafted a Simon Pegg-alike named Tim. You play a father that is loving near to being cool, although hapless in terms of technology. You’re a strictly ‘punk-and-prog-rock’ analogue kind of man, therefore while your easy-going fatherly abilities suggest you’ve got a great relationship with your child, you’re clueless in terms of the electronic age, social support systems, memes and stuff like that.

All(coincidentally) hot dads upon arriving at your new place, you bump into a handful of neighbours. Most of the residents regarding the cul de sac keep in touch on Dadbook, a dads-only myspace and facebook where fathers share interests, advice and discuss dad things (cheapest places to fill the tank up, Top 5 Sean Connery movies – material like this). After Amanda provides you with a tactile hand filling in your profile, you’re free to content the dads you intend to spend time with.

Through the game, you choose to go on three ‘dates’, although these encounters frequently include other individuals and happen at different venues all regarding the time associated with the time. They’re not totally all ‘romantic’, by itself, and sometimes involve simply chilling out and chatting. Dialogue choices let you contour the conversation but they’re not quite as regular or intrusive while you might expect and you’ll invest a complete great deal of the time just tapping through text bins. While that may seem like a negative, the writing helps it be a joy that is utter we cheerfully go through reams of text. a button that is fast-forward ‘R’ lets you skip into the end, but to take action is always to miss out the point associated with the game.

Additionally the writing may be the true point associated with the game. Romancing dads that are hot including notches to your bedpost may seem to end up being the point from the exterior, but Dream Daddy is actually in regards to the father-daughter relationship and just how being truly a moms and dad impacts the life of the among the ‘daddies’. Yes, the love choices are here, but anybody anticipating a salacious dating that is male-only could be disappointed by its good-naturedness and universal individual themes.

The dads are really a varied bunch – bad kid, instructor, barista, gymnasium freak, theatrical – and they’ve got a skillset that is varied

Joseph, regional youth minister, could be the envy regarding the cul de sac as a result of their impeccable BBQ-skills; Robert’s stony poker face is similarly coveted by the team. All of them have actually concealed depths, though, and there’s lots to discover about them beyond dad puns and stereotypes. Cool, music-loving dad Mat confesses to being deeply insecure and uncertain of himself in business. Hugo, Amanda’s instructor, struggles to balance the authoritarian place imposed by fatherhood (and their career) with being near to their hard son. Where other games might bolt these themes onto their tales by having a hefty hand, right right here they’re deftly weaved to the narrative, cropping up obviously in discussion and do not experiencing contrived or obvious.

You might not realise it in the beginning, you’re being pseudo-graded on the responses – the overall game will demonstrate a rating display whenever a ‘date’ is complete. Just like in real world, you’re going in blind on these times, not sure what one other dads will react to. Favourable responses elicit hearts, if things get well and also you continue fulfilling up utilizing the dad that is same you’ll unlock intimate opportunities and achievements.

Brief and sweet minigames appear periodically (replayable through the menu that is main you complete the game). The very first we encountered had been a PokГ©mon pastiche as you battle another dad in a casino game of braggery and daughter-praising one-upmanship. Other people maybe you have dodging youngsters at a concert while trying to navigate via a audience or running through a Wuhu Island-esque environment that is digital a treadmill machine during the gymnasium.

With all the current dads available, in addition to the reactions and choices which you didn’t just simply take, there’s loads of replayability in Dream Daddy, too. Our very very very first run included searching the most recent releases during the neighborhood record shop (Vinyl Fantasy VII, pun fans) with cool dad Mat, nevertheless the writing is great sufficient to justify at the least an additional tell you. There’ll clearly be repetition not in the ‘date’ content, but that’s where in actuality the fast-forward switch is available in handy – you’ll skip straight to the stuff that is fresh.

This ‘Dadrector’s Cut’ adds in a few part quests and cut content, and also a minigame that is new. Unfortuitously, this Switch variation doesn’t consist of touchscreen help, which is like a sizeable omission for a novel that is visual. The game’s clean art design appears great; the portraits and expressions drawn are spot-on and every thing actually pops regarding the big (or tiny) display.

‘Dad Tips’ pop up during lots and supply a number of life lessons which had us reaching for the capture switch, including basic findings

(Suggestion #39: They actually stepped up the manufacturing value in Episode V) to sound advice (#79: Don’t trust gasoline station egg sandwiches). Overall, they typify the careful stability the authors strike in Dream Daddy – making use of the stereotypes and puns of Fatherdom, but additionally supplying an encouraging, life-affirming perspective which permeates the entire experience. Regardless of the labels, we’re all humans looking to get because of the most readily useful we are able to and, as Dad Suggestion #85 reminds us, we must be substantial and type to every person.


Heartwarming; that’s the word to explain Dream Daddy. It’s a feelgood game, from the tongue-in-cheek Dream Weaver-esque theme tune to its message of acceptance and generally speaking being exceptional one to the other. The game that is entire on its writing, that will be universally exceptional and deals with numerous amounts whether you’re a parent or even the kid of just one. At first glance it is a dad that is hot game – the swirly logo design font and colourful presentation slim into that – but there’s genuine heart towards the stories right here, with textured figures working with a variety of situations life tosses at them. If you’re after rock-hard anime abs and mechanics that promise ‘innovative’ utilization of HD rumble, you might be disappointed with Dream Daddy. For everybody else, it’s a good-natured, good-humoured artistic novel with themes of acceptance and love that’ll warm the cockles of this coldest heart.


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